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Frozen Synapse

Outwit your enemies in this intense cyberpunk tactical strategy game
Available on iOS

Frozen Synapse is a complex game of strategy and tactics. You are a commander, part of a resistance locked in a battle against an oppressive corporate government. Take your time planning your orders for your soldiers and consider every angle. Your tactical thinking is all that stands between the freedom of humanity and totalitarian domination.

Play through a challenging campaign where the AI will dog your every step. Can you lead the resistance to victory against seemingly insurmountable odds? Looking for a little less commitment? Try out the Instant Skirmish mode to jump right into the action. Of course, the real challenge comes from taking on a human opponent. Play online or in hotseat mode and see whose tactics reign supreme. With countless map variations, you’ll find fresh challenges to test your strategies around every corner. Prove you have the superior synapses!


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