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iBlast Moki 2

Blast the Mokis to the goal in this original physics puzzler.
Available on iOS

This critically-acclaimed puzzle game features 90 levels set across 6 unique worlds. In each one, your goal is the same: to create a path to the goal for all of the Mokis using only the bombs you’re given. Given their round shape Mokis can roll quite well, but for everything else you’ll need to choose the right tool to help them. Place the bombs wherever you like and set their timers to try to create just the right chain reaction to solve the puzzle. Head into the Create mode and build your own elaborate designs for others to challenge. It’s a blast!

  • Lots of Puzzles: With 6 worlds and 90 stages, you’ve got your work cut out for you!
  • So Many Bombs: In addition to the trusty regular kind of bomb, there are glue bombs, bouncy bombs, slick bombs, and more!
  • Colorful Characters: The Mokis are an adorable bunch who are more than happy to get where they’re going by any means. Don’t worry, they’re tough!
  • Set the Timers: Not only do you have to decide which bomb you’re using and where to use it, but you also have to consider when you want it to explode! Think carefully!
  • Amazing Contraptions: Rotating wheels, balloons, ropes, pulleys, and more are incorporated into the puzzles.


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