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Beat your The Blocks Cometh High Score!

  • Don’t forget that you can attack and destroy blocks. Taking out blocks here and there to shape the terrain is a major key to success.
  • That said, don’t go too wild on taking out blocks, because the scrolling screen can kill you just as easily as falling blocks can.
  • Try to avoid relying on a single pile of blocks. You’ll always want to have a minimum of two places you can jump between so that you can get out of the way of any blocks coming down.
  • Don’t forget you can wall-kick off of blocks, even as they fall. In most cases, the safest place you can be is on the side of a block.
  • When multiple blocks are falling at once, pay careful attention to the speed of each one. Get out of the way of the faster ones, then jump on them to stay safe from the slower ones. 
  • Make sure you try out both portrait and landscape orientations. Each style has its advantages, so check and see which one is right for you.


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