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Tips & Tricks for Swords & Soldiers

  • The first order of business is getting your gold flow moving. Remember you can build more workers to increase how quickly your gold comes in. It’s usually best to get a fighter or two out first in order for defensive purposes, but after that you should probably add a few workers to build up your coffers. Four is a good number, as any workers beyond that will have to travel to a further mine, putting them at a far greater risk. 
  • Don’t forget to research Technology. That should be your first step after getting your gold flow secured. You should have research finished on a few Technologies before beginning your attack in earnest. Otherwise, you’re just throwing your gold away needlessly. 
  • It’s not a good idea to spend all of your gold as soon as you get it. It’s best to send off units in groups of three or more, which means producing them in batches. That means you’ll need to have the required amount of gold to produce multiple units at once. You’ll also want to keep some gold in reserve in case the enemy wipes out your workers. Keep enough to build at least a couple of workers so that you can get back on your feet in emergencies.
  • While it might seem like a good idea to just send your troops off to battle on their own and focus on the next step of building up your army, you should try to keep one eye on them. A well-placed healing spell can often save you an entire unit, leaving you extra gold to build something else.
  • That said, there aren’t a lot of problems in the game that a steady flow of Viking Berserkers can’t solve. That won’t do you much good when you’re forced to play the other factions, but if you’re in a position to use the Vikings simply get your gold flow moving and let your numbers do the talking. Toss in a couple of Axe Throwers and watch the enemy crumble!
  • Get to the tower locations before your opponent can wherever possible. Swords & Soldiers is a huge game of tug-of-war, and securing a tower location is like tying a knot in the rope. If your opponent seems to be moving in a big way, it’s best to wrap up whatever you’re doing and start your counter. 
  • Hit your opponent in the pocket book! If you have any magic skills available to you that can hit at a range, take aim at the enemy workers. For example, Vikings can use Lightning and take out workers in a single shot. Disrupting the enemy’s resources will reduce the number of units they can throw at you, giving you a chance to break through.


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