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Chook & Sosig Walkthrough & Hint Guide 1

Wow, it’s an adventure game! That’s one of those games with all of those puzzle things that can sometimes be tricky to solve. Sometimes you just need a little hint here and there, and we’re all about giving those hints to you. We’ve identified some of the toughest puzzles and have some hints to help you get past them. We’ve got three different types for each question. The first is just a little nudge. The second is a bit more obvious. The third is the answer, no fooling around. Just like the old guides, but no troublesome decoder glasses!

How do I get off the first island?

A) You can’t go anywhere until the fountain is working again. But who broke it in the first place?

B) Cow is the key, but you’ll have to convince him that it’s in his best interests.

C) Talk to Cow and tell him that a bunch of kids are outside. He’ll direct you to a note. Follow the directions from note to note until you find the one with the code for the fountain written on it. Check the panel on the fountain, enter the code, and pull the lever to start it.

How do I help the goblins start their fire?

A) If it could be done with whatever is laying around Goblin Isle, the goblins surely would have done it themselves already. 

B) You’ll need something flammable, a way to light it, and a way to bring the fire with you. 

C) Bring the parrot from Goblin Isle with you back to Cape Codnapper. Go to the General Store and try to use the torch holder on the wall. It will break. Collect the torch, then go outside to the dock. Use the parrot on the cork in the barrel of rum. Use the torch on the spilling rum. Next, sail to the Sea Shrine north of Goblin Isle. Go inside and use the torch on the fire on the wall. 

How do I open the door to the Sea Shrine? 

A) You won’t need a key for this door.

B) There must be some kind of switch nearby. Search the area.

C) The legs of the statues on either side of the door need to be manipulated in the right order. First check the statue on the left to unlock the legs. Activate the switches in this order: lower left two times, lower right once, upper right once, upper left twice, lower left once. 

How do I fix the scissors?

A) You’ll have to find some way to sharpen them.

B) Perhaps there’s something at the General Store that could help.

C) You need sandpaper from the General Store to sharpen the scissors. The only way to get the sandpaper is to trade a Free Prize Voucher to Cow. To get the Voucher, you need to meet Cow at the Sea Shrine and agree to join his cult. 

Where can I find a better map?

A) That seems like something an adventurer might know about. 

B) The map itself isn’t hard to find, but you’re going to need something special to read it properly. 

C) The Lumi-Orchid on Goblin Isle emits ultraviolet light that lets you see all kinds of hidden messages. Use the repaired Scissors to cut the thick leaves that are keeping the sun from reaching the Lumi-Orchid on the path. Take the blooming flower with you. Go to the Adventurer’s Guild and ask Hebble about the map. He says it’s somewhere in the Guild. Check the cat picture near the entrance until the map is revealed, then use the Lumi-Orchid on it to reveal the hidden islands. 

How do I find the location of the Haunted Treasure Experience?

A) Like any major tourist attraction, there are plenty of flyers around with information. 

B) Given the state of the delivered flyers, you’re probably going to need to find one closer to the source. 

C) The faulty bird from the Gull Mail system has been using the flyers for nesting materials. You’ll need to get a Gull Token to use in the machine to bring it down from its nest at the top. To get the Gull Token, you have to bring a Gull Mail Card to Barkeep Cow at the Beast Below Tavern. 

Where can I find the Gull Mail Card?

A) You’ll need to find someone who is dissatisfied with the service who is willing to give theirs up. 

B) Bottle Mail Central had one, but something happened to it. 

C) The Goblin with a Bottle tells you that a polar bear took the card and swam away. Go to the Adventurer’s Guild and check the mouth of the polar bear rug. The mouth opens when you operate the tail, but to keep it open you need to use the parrot on the tail. Retrieve the Gull Mail Card from the mouth and bring it to Barkeep Cow. 

How can I calm down the angry seagull?

A) Music soothes the savage beast, but Sosig isn’t much of a musician. Maybe he just needs the right words?

B) You’re going to have to find a non-violent way to put the bird to sleep, and you can’t do it alone.

Need more help? Keep going with our second hint guide, covering the rest of the game!


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