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Chook & Sosig Walkthrough & Hint Guide 2

Stuck in the second half of Chook & Sosig? We’re here to help! We’ve got three different types for each question. The first is just a little nudge. The second is a bit more obvious. The third is the answer, no fooling around. Just like the old guides, but no troublesome decoder glasses!

Looking for tips for the early game? Check out Walkthrough Part I, which covers the puzzles before the full map is unlocked.

How do I get the Shovelhead from the dragon at the Haunted Cove?

A) You’re going to need to find an extremely exciting item. If just anyone could get one, it’s probably not good enough. 

B) If you want to know what’s hot, you should check in with Cow at the General Store. 

C) The only thing the dragon will accept is a Galaxy Princess doll. If you talk to Cow at the General Store, he’ll tell you that he sold the only one he had to Hebble at the Beast Below Tavern. The only way to get Hebble to part with it is by talking to Barkeep Cow and using his phone to downvote Hebble’s picture. Do that and Hebble will give you the Galaxy Princess doll. Bring it to the dragon and it will give you the Shovelhead. 

How do I remove the curse on the Haunted Treasure? 

A) The best way to exorcise a spirit is by resolving the conflict that binds it to the world of the living. 

B) Ghost Min needs her body to be complete. You’ve probably seen her skull before. It has a distinctive Third Eye. 

C) Ghost Min’s skull is back on Cape Codnapper. Hebble wants to use it for divination, but he’s willing to part with it if you can bring him a special potion. He’ll give you the recipe, so you just need to prepare it. Once you do, bring it back to him and he’ll give you the skull. Bring that to Ghost Min and she’ll leave, allowing you to open the now not-so-haunted treasure. 

Where do I find the ingredients for the potion?

A) Think logically about the places where you might find mushrooms, rum, and divination objects. 

B) Mushrooms grow in damp, dark places. There are only a couple of places where you might find rum. There’s only one person who goes on and on about divination. 

C) Ask Hebble to read your tea leaves, then take the Tea Leaves after he’s finished. You can get the Spindleshrooms in the Haunted Cove, just past the dragon. The Ghost Rum can be found in a drink you can order at the Beast Below Tavern called the Skeleton Dance. Check the cocktail menu, then ask Barkeep Cow for a drink. To become a member, simply run through your exploits until you reach the one about looting a dragon’s hoard. Request the Skeleton Dance drink and take it with you. Go to Goblin Isle and put all the ingredients in the cooking pot. Check the pot, then use the Potion Bottle on the pot to get the completed potion. 

How can I find the location of the Sea Goddess’s Palace?

A) No normal person will be able to show you where it is. 

B) A mermaid can guide you, but you’ll have to figure out how to make one appear. 

C) Mermaid Hebble knows the location. He can be found in the Secret Reef, and he’ll tell you where the Sea Goddess’s Palace is if you help him distribute three of her posters. Put one on the Conservation Board on Goblin Isle. You can put the second one up at the Beast Below Tavern, but you’ll have to use the Scissors to modify it or else Barkeep Cow will make you take it down. The third poster can be put up in the General Store, but you’ll have to talk to Fortune Teller Hebble first and help him with his seaweed divination test to make room for it. After you’ve put up the posters, go back to Mermaid Hebble and he’ll add the Palace to your map.

What do I have to do to make the mermaid appear?

A) It’s less about finding the mermaid and more about revealing the mermaid.

B) The mermaid calls the Secret Reef home. 

C) You’ll need a Kettle that can be obtained from Fortune Teller Hebble at Cape Codnapper. You’ll also need the lit Torch that was used to obtain the Scissors earlier. Head to the Secret Reef. Open the stove and use the Torch to light the fire. Put the Kettle on the stove and when it reaches the boiling point, a mechanism will activate and pull back the curtain on the mermaid. 

I can’t reach the Sea Goddess’s Palace because of the enchanted fog. What do I do?

A) Do we know anyone who has tried to reach the Sea Goddess’s Palace before?

B) Viking Min at the Forsaken Atoll can put you on the right track. 

C) Talk to Viking Min at the Forsaken Atoll and she’ll tell you about the Enchanted Figurehead you need to navigate the enchanted fog. Once you’ve assembled it, the fog will lift and you’ll be able to visit the Sea Goddess’s Palace.

How can I complete the lower half of the Enchanted Figurehead?

A) You’ll need some kind of tool.

B) The person that finished the top half of the Enchanted Figurehead can probably help you out. 

C) Talk to Viking Min and she’ll tell you where to find the Chisel you need. Search under the fishing net on the Forsaken Atoll to reveal the winch that can pull up the lobster pot containing the chisel. It’s broken, so you’ll need to use a Rope to fix it. You can find the Rope laying on the ground at the Secret Reef. After that, the winch will jam. Use the parrot on it and you’ll finally pull up the lobster pot. Grab the Chisel and use it on the lower half of the Enchanted Figurehead to carve it. 

Where can I get a Hag Stone? 

A) You would think any adventurer worth their salt would have something like that laying around. 

B) Just because a stone doesn’t have a hole in it right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t make one yourself. 

C) There is a stone tablet on the wall at the Adventurer’s Guild beside the desk. Push the red button on the desk to reveal the Desk Cannon. It’s not strong enough to punch a hole in the stone, but Hebble can remove the safety using a voice command. He won’t cooperate, however. Use the parrot on him to teach the parrot how to copy his voice. Use the parrot on the Desk Cannon, then light it with the Torch. The tablet will have a hole punched through it, and you can now collect your Hag Stone and take it back to the Enchanted Figurehead.

How do I overthrow the Sea Goddess?

A) It’s easier to take the job of someone who doesn’t want it anymore.

B) The Sea Goddess hates two things: working hard, and fermented fish. 

C) If you can convince Viking Min that the Sea Goddess has read her letter, she will send a tribute of a barrel of fermented fish, causing Hebble to quit in disgust and give the job to you. To do that, you’ll have to get your hands on the letter itself and get it properly stamped by the Goblin in the Cage. Show the stamped letter to Viking Min and she’ll send the tribute immediately. 

How can I get the Sea Goddess’s mail to start coming again?

A) The best thing to do is to ask whoever delivers the mail.

B) The Sea Goddess doesn’t seem to want the mail, so the chances are good that you’ll find part of the answer in the Palace itself. 

C) The mail usually comes through the Bottle Mail service. Go to Bottle Mail Central and talk to everyone to find out the problem. The weathervane is broken, and it needs to be fixed to restore the mail service. All you need is a Pearl from the Sea Goddess’s Palace. Once you have it, simply use it on the weathervane and the mail will immediately start flowing again. 

Where do I find the Pearl?

A) Where are pearls usually found?

B) You’ll have to pry some clams open, and your bare hands aren’t going to be good enough. 

C) Use the Chisel to pry open the Stubborn Clam in the Sea Goddess’s Palace. The Pearl will fall out and land in the coral. Go around and examine all of the places where bubbles are flowing out of the coral. After you’ve checked them all, the Pearl will be spit out at the top of the stairs. Take it. 

19. How do I get the Stamped Letter? 

A) That kind of administrative task is usually left to a secretary or assistant.

B) The letter is fresh in the Sea Goddess’s mind, so it’s likely somewhere nearby. The Goddess won’t stamp it, but someone else probably can. 

C) The letter can be found in one of the bottles just to the left of the throne. Check them until you find it. If you show it to Viking Min, she won’t believe the Goddess has read it unless you get it stamped. The Goblin in the Cage is willing to stamp it for you, but you’ll have to bring him some Meat. Give him Meat and he’ll stamp the letter, leaving you with the Stamped Letter to bring back to Viking Min. 

Where do I get the Meat? 

A) If it’s hot food you’re looking for, only one location fits the bill. 

B) You need to convince Barkeep Cow to let you take part in the Meat Challenge. 

C) You can get the Meat by doing the Meat Challenge. The problem is that the Challenge is on Monday, but today is Friday and always will be. Travel back to Cape Codnapper. As you’ve been through here, you may have noticed the chalk picture getting bigger each time. The trail ends where Chook is sitting. Talk to Chook about it and he’ll give you his last piece of Chalk. Use the Chalk on the signboard at the Beast Below Tavern and trick Barkeep Cow into thinking the Meat Challenge is on Friday. Take the Meat Challenge and pick up the remaining Meat after you’ve finished. 


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