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Getting Started with Hook Champ

  • Replay earlier levels to get the hang of how the grappling hook works. There are lots of routes to explore, so you can have fun finding new things while you improve.
  • Don’t forget to spend the coins you earn. Buy useful upgrades at the shop to make your life easier.
  • Pick up items that give your character improved abilities before you start buying hats, new costumes, or characters. It’s easier to pile up more coins if your character is stronger.
To grapple now or not to grapple now, that is the question…
  • You don’t always have to grapple from the closest point you can reach. Sometimes it’s better to wait a bit and grapple something a little farther out.
  • Items with limited uses are refilled every time you start a stage, so don’t worry that you’ll have to buy them from the shop again if you use them.  
  • Get the rocket boots as soon as possible. All of the upgrades are helpful in some way or another, but the ability you get with the rocket boots is extremely useful when you’re still learning the ropes. 
  • The shotgun is very useful for breaking through walls in a hurry. It’s best to hang onto your limited shots for emergencies.


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