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Introducing Leagues!

Nothing’s better than competing with your friends for a high score, and with leagues, we’re turning that up to 11.

Compete with other GameClub members for glory on weekly leaderboards. If you can stay on top, you’ll move up to higher ranks and tougher competition. 💪 

Leagues are now live in these eight games on iOS — try them out now, or keep reading for the nitty gritty details!

How are leagues different than leaderboards?

Many games in GameClub have some type of scoring mechanic, whether that’s enemies killed, time survived, or anything in between. Simply showing up on a leaderboard isn’t very exciting, as unless you’re near the top, it’s basically irrelevant that your score put you in 23,578th place.

To keep things interesting, we’ve shuffled players into smaller leagues so you have very recognizable competition. In leagues, getting a better score and moving up even a few positions matters, instead of feeling like getting lost in the shuffle. (They’re also a great opportunity to show off the fancy avatars you’ve unlocked by beating challenges and trying new games!)

Leagues are weekly leaderboards tailored to your skill level — so moving up to a new league means you’ll be competing against the best-of-the-best.

Crate Collector League in Super Crate Box

How do I find leagues to join?

Leagues can be viewed from any game, as well as the GameClub app. Tap the GameClub icon in the corner, then tap the leagues icon in the center of the navigation. Ranks update in real time, so check back often to defend your score!

Also, if you haven’t yet, you really should set your GameClub username. These are unique, so first come first served. Tap the avatar icon in the top left corner and come up with something clever.

Awesome, let’s get started!

Starting today, leagues are available in Any LandingArcade BallChippyFlick FishingHook ChampMinigoreNeon Shadow, and Super Crate Box. Each game has a different criteria to qualify for league competition. For instance, once you collect over five crates in Super Crate Box you will automatically be included in Sprout League.

We’re really excited to see this in action, and look forward to competing with all of you! Let us know if you’ve got a favorite game you’d like to compete in — we’d love to hear your suggestions.


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