Games Operations Manager

GameClub is looking for a full-time Games Operations Manager to manage our media production and deployment pipeline for our growing roster of over 100 iOS and Android games. This role will be the essential glue between a new game joining GameClub’s roster, and the deployment of that game to our global audience.

Beyond managing our QA pipeline and App Store storefronts, this role will ensure the large volume of media assets required to deploy any game is produced in an effective and efficient manner to ensure our games are presented in the best light. We are looking for someone who is detailed-oriented and an excellent communicator.

GameClub is a rapidly growing, venture-backed startup with offices in New York City and Copenhagen. We’re breathing new life into classic, premium mobile game experiences with great care, attention to detail, and an innovative business model.

We offer competitive salary, benefits, equity, and the opportunity to work in two of the greatest cities in the world. Collaborate with people who share your passion for games and make your mark by shaping an exciting new company and building the game industry’s next big thing!

Media Production

  • Asset management
    • Working with external developers to ensure the team ingests all the available source code and assets for our games
    • Ensuring our asset database is organized and assets are easy to deploy for any purpose
  • Production management
    • Capturing gameplay assets
    • Managing creative services to create assets for various channels (app stores, social, ads)
    • Developing and maintaining a production calendar to ensure everyone is aligned on requirements


  • Performing quality assurance on all game releases
  • Working with external QA teams to assimilate and organize feedback
  • Prioritizing game defects based on audience and business impact
  • Balancing budget restrictions with quality requirements and release schedules


  • Managing deployment to various channels including iTunes Connect, Google Play
  • Coordinating game launches for Early Access, Soft Launch, and Global Launch


  • Community support
    • Responding to bugs and issues
    • Assimilate customer feedback from community and customer support into actionable insights and initiatives
  • Pulling key data metrics on a weekly or daily basis
  • Managing Localization
  • Managing our game database


  • 2-3 years in game operations/QA and/or 2-3 years in production management at a post-production studio
  • Attention to detail: our players demand it, and our brand requires it
  • Integrity: advocate for the best course of action even when it is not what people want to hear
  • Highly Collaborative and Communicative
  • Be able to get in the mind of the player
  • Ability to multitask: Flexibility to wear a lot of different “hats” and do whatever it takes to deploy our games to engaged and happy players
  • Proactive: leave no stone unturned to create a great experience for our players

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Leadership Team

Dan Sherman
Co-founder & CEO
Oliver Pedersen
Co-founder & CTO
Britt Myers
COO, Head of Product
Eli Hodapp
VP Business Development