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5 Tips to Speed Up Your Pixel Boat Rush Runs

  • In general, stick to the water as much as possible. You’ll travel faster, which is more or less the point in a racing game.
  • If you’re in first place and still have a bit of track ahead of you, it’s often a good idea to hit the brakes to allow the racer behind you to pass, allowing you to shoot them down and effectively remove them from the race.
  • Don’t forget that hitting the brakes while you’re in the air will cause you to drop suddenly. It’s a good idea if you’re dedicated to collecting items as it will help you get back to the water sooner.
  • Since new boats and upgrades use separate currencies, don’t be shy about upgrading your existing craft while you save up for a new ride. If you’re close to buying a new boat, you may want to hold onto some of the upgrade currency to use on it, but otherwise it’s usually better to make what you’ve got faster.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, upgrade your boat and try again. You have nothing to lose by repeating a race, and you’ll almost always gain. Your stats will eventually be improved enough to give you the edge you need.


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