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Beat Your Puzzlejuice High Score!

  • Focus on completing the missions that unlock all of the power-ups first. Once you have all of your options opened up, you’ll have a lot more options for customizing your experience.
  • If trying to match up colors is giving you trouble, focus instead on creating complete lines. Each complete line will automatically change into letters and activate any power-ups located in the row.
  • Similar strategies from other falling block puzzlers work well here. Place your pieces to leave space for a single four-block piece and let one drop in for excellent results.
  • Don’t let your pile get too high before you start hunting words, especially on the higher difficulty modes. You should always be glancing at your letters between block drops, thinking about your next word.
  • In Zen Mode Extreme, it’s smart to start off by building up a big stock of letters. Make lines as quickly as you can in the first 30 seconds, then spend the remaining minute building as many words as possible.
  • While you’ll generally want to avoid generating garbage blocks in Impossible mode, there are times where you should consider taking the penalty in order to stay alive. Garbage blocks can be removed, but a Game Over is the end!


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