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Beginner’s Guide to ORC: Vengeance

  • Pick up everything. Grab every dropped weapon, every dropped shield, anything you find. Even if you won’t be using it, you can sell it to the shop for coins.
  • Explore the levels carefully. There are lots of hidden rooms or side passages that contain treasure and other secrets. It’s not a bad idea to run around the walls of most rooms to check for sure.
  • Always keep some potions handy. Standard advice for this kind of game, but you don’t want to be without a handy source of healing. Stock up at the shop every chance you get.
  • When leveling up, you may wonder what each stat does. Attack and Defense are obvious enough. Greed increases your luck at getting rare treasure. Vengeance basically improves your special skills and magic.
  • Swords are fast but tend to do less damage. Warhammers are powerful but are slow to strike. Axes fall somewhere between. Make sure you’re using the right weapon for the situation.
  • Rok’s Ground Slam skill is one of the best in his arsenal. It will hit everything around you, and it’s excellent for dealing with crowds.
  • You can upgrade your weapons, armor, items, and skills from the Armory or Skills menu. Choose the one you want to upgrade, then hit the little icon with the yellow arrows on it. This costs gold, but it’s money well spent. Upgrade your potions as soon as you can.


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