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Diving Deeper into Forget-Me-Not

The strategy to getting the highest scores you can is twofold. First, you must try to link your flower collection into as big of chains as possible. Study the layout of the map as best as you can in the few seconds before your character spawns and make a good plan for consecutive flower pick-ups. You probably won’t be able to get them all in one go, but if you can, the points will be worth the hassle.

Second, you really have to master the charge attack. You can’t always grind every wall as you move along, but if you find a suitable place to build up a charge, take advantage of it. Once you’ve charged up enough power, you can crash into the enemies and score some amazing amounts of points, especially if you build a combo by bashing into more than one in a short span of time. If you can get a handle on both of these techniques, you’ll see a big difference in your scores!

By the way, if you haven’t tried Forget-Me-Not in multiplayer, you really should give it a try. As fun as the game is in single-player, adding another human mind into the mix makes for a whole new experience. If you can learn how to work together well enough, you’ll be able to reach incredible new heights you could never reach on your own. Try it out!


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