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Helpful Hints for MiniSquadron

  • With so many aircraft to choose from, you’ll have to experiment to find which one suits you best. Generally, heavy armor and weapons with a good range like the laser or homing missiles are quite useful for beginners. 
  • The laser weapon has a great extra effect: it frequently sends targets into a stall. Planes with this weapon would do well to take on opponents near the ground, where they’ll have little time to pull out of a dive.
  • Your aircraft have the agility to move around quite well, so make sure that you do. Flying straight is a sure way to end up riddled with bullets.
  • When taking on stages that are dense with enemies, a bomber aircraft can clean things up surprisingly quickly. Just fly high and rain down with your shots. 
  • If you hit the left or right edge of the stage, you’ll immediately turn around. You can use this quick turn to get the jump on any opponents that are tailing you.
  • If an enemy seems to like doing loops around you, counter it with a figure-eight maneuver. There’s a good chance they’ll end up in your sights.
  • Be very careful about staying low to the ground if you’re in a slower aircraft. Their turn radius can be quite a bit bigger than you might expect. 
  • You can check how to unlock each ship by going to the My Squadron option on the menu. Tap the shadow of the plane you’re looking for, and it will give you the requirements to unlock it.
  • There’s not much you can do about homing missile attacks except to out run them, which you can only reliably do in faster aircraft. They will eventually explode if you can stay ahead of them long enough.
  • Collect those power-ups! If you don’t, an enemy might. Do you really want to deal with a giant laser or one of those stall-inducing flashes? Scoop those stars to avoid such scenarios.
  • Touching enemy aircraft won’t cause any damage to either of you, but you’ll likely take more damage from their shots if you get in too close to where their weapons fire from. Be careful.
  • Learn what each aircraft can do and what its weaknesses are. Bombers are extremely vulnerable from above, while UFOs are easily out-maneuvered. Any plane with a laser attack is guaranteed to have a cool-down period you can take advantage of. 
  • Earn extra points by racking up combos. To do that, you have to make consecutive kills without taking hits. Homing missiles are great for this as you can stay out of the way of enemy fire while launching strong counter-attacks.
  • When battling the giant squid, always be aware of where it is. Its laser is incredibly wide, so make sure you’re well out of its way when it’s about to fire. After it shoots, take the chance to land some hits on it. It will go down sooner or later.


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