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Helpful Hints for Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon

High Score Tips

  • Make sure you try crawling around every surface in each room. Secret areas with food and other goodies may be hidden in unlikely places.
  • Bigger webs are stronger and are able to catch more powerful prey. Be careful of insects who can cut your webs, however. 
  • To make the portal appear that leads you to the next room in a building, you’ll need to achieve a particular score. Getting a multiplier going can help you reach that score more quickly.

Secrets and Mysteries

  • Opening a new building requires you to solve the Mystery in the current building. Watch for Clues being unlocked, as those will help you solve that building’s Mystery.
  • Secrets are another thing to watch out for. While they will sometimes help you solve puzzles, most of them exist simply to further the story. You can keep track of the Clues and Secrets you’ve found in each building by checking the estate map.
  • Make sure you visit each stage under all of the possible combinations of time and weather conditions. If you’ve done that and are still missing some Clues or Secrets, you may need to come back during a different moon phase.


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