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Helpful Hints for Waking Mars

  • Collect as many seeds as you can from each plant. It never hurts to have as many seeds in your bag as possible!
  • Think carefully about which plants you put in which locations. Careful planning can create chain reactions that help you, while careless placements can create a huge mess.
  • Halid Zoa plants are the first kind of life form you encounter on Mars. Hydrating the plants not only causes them to produce seeds, it also generates a healing effect that will restore Liang’s health.
  • Before you start planting in an area, it’s a good idea to fly around and carefully knock down any unstable stalactites along the roof. Falling stalactites can kill any plants that they fall onto. 
  • Whenever you run into a new life form, observe it carefully to see what kind of behavior it has. Try watering plants or fertilizing them to see what happens. Experiment!
  • Some life forms are harmful to other life forms, including Liang. Make sure you learn which ones can be dangerous and treat them with respect.
  • If things go wrong and you have a giant mess on your hands, don’t despair. While some creatures can’t be brought back, no situation is unrecoverable. Dig it out one piece at a time and rebuild.


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