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Skulls of the Shogun Character Guide

General Kamoto (You)

Tough as nails and hard as steel, General Akamoto is an unflappable, honor-bound general with his sights set on revenge.

Stone-faced, practical, and focused on his career even in death, he’s a genius, pragmatic commander. Just make sure he’s closely guarded at all times… If he falls in battle, it’s game over!

Kurokawa (Your Enemy)

Akamoto’s second-in-command, Kurokawa was a good warrior, but also a petty hothead and a backstabber, burning with jealousy over Akamoto’s prowess on the battlefield.

Their score will be settled in the Land of the Dead…


Big, beefy, and boasting a spectacular lack of intelligence, the infantry are your typical frontline jarheads, inflicting average damage with high defense. They’re disposable — and they know it.


Honor! Glory! Prestige! The Archer cares about none of these things, opting instead to hang out at the back of the line and casually pick off enemies, cackling hysterically from a safe distance as their frustrated opponents gurgle their last breaths.


Prim and proper, the Cavalry are all about horseback, and are masters of closing the distance and striking… followed by getting the heck out of there.

Tanuki Monk

He’s a troublesome trickster with a permanent grin whose primary talent is mischief. He’s also got an impressive set of… bells.

Crow Monk

Silent and enigmatic, the Crow Monk can summon the Wind God Fujin to blast unlucky foes off cliffs to their doom.

Salamander Monk

He’s an unarmored pyromaniac who loves fighting dirty and lighting up enemies from afar.

Fox Monk

He is a devout pacifist who heal allies while waxing rhetorical about the history of the universe. Don’t get him started.

Spring Goddess Sakura

Sweet and sexy, Sakura is a high-society cherry tree princess with a big crush on General Akamoto.

Summer God Raiden

A psychopath who adores chaos and destruction. Whoever gave him lightning powers clearly wasn’t thinking straight.

Fall God Fujin

Raiden’s mild-mannered brother. He speaks in riddles and controls the wind, making him an important ally.

Winter Goddess Yuki

Cold and twisted, Yuki is perfectly suited as the winter goddess. She’s the girl you always wanted to date, but you’re secretly glad you didn’t.


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