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Super Crate Box Weapons Guide

Super Crate Box is a fast-paced 2D arena shooter that hinges on the unique mechanic of tying your score to how many crates you pick up in the game. Each crate contains a different weapon, so you’ll need to master using all of them while dispatching the endless supply of enemies that drop from the top of the screen. This is a brief overview of all of the weapons in the game, along with some tips and tricks that will help you survive using them.

Also, unless otherwise mentioned, all weapons take two shots to kill a small enemy and ten shots to kill a large enemy. Another basic thing worth knowing is that red enemies spawn when you let green enemies fall into the pit at the bottom of the screen, which can be a useful strategy depending on the weapon you’re wielding.

Pistol: This is the gun you start with, and by far the weakest weapon in the game. Spam the B button as fast as you can while you quickly make your way to the next crate.

Dual Pistols: An improvement upon the starter pistol, the dual pistols (as the name implies) allows you to dual wield and shoot in both directions. This allows you to stand in a central area and mash B to take out a wave of enemies coming from both directions, which can be useful.

Revolver: This gun behaves a lot like the pistol, but is far more powerful. Small enemies only take one shot to kill, and big ones take two. The Revolver can be useful to hold on to if you’ve let a few large enemies fall into the pit, as it takes far fewer shots to clear them out when they respawn as their red version.

Machine Gun: The machine gun is the first automatic weapon you’ll find in Super Crate Box. It does standard damage, taking either 2 or 10 shots to kill enemies depending on their size but fires much faster. The machine gun has some slight knockback, so be careful when using it near ledges.

Minigun: The best way to describe the minigun is the machine gun turned up to 11. It does the same damage but fires even faster with a much wider bullet spread and more severe knockback. Holding the direction you’re facing will cause you to not move. The minigun is super powerful, but tricky to master.

Shotgun: Each shot of the shotgun consists of five pellets, and each does equal damage to the pistol. The useful thing with the shotgun is it’s the first weapon you’ll have which allows you to easily kill multiple small enemies in one shot. Also, two shots (with all five pellets hitting) will kill a large enemy. The shotgun has slight knockback, so be careful around ledges.

Katana: The closest of the close range weapons, the katana comes with the benefit of being incredibly powerful. One hit will kill small enemies, and two kills large ones. If you attack a large enemy with the katana, it will change direction which can be useful. Any enemy inside of the katana swing will take damage, so you can kill multiple small enemies in one attack.

Bazooka: The bazooka does massive amounts of splash damage, with a large radius that can kill multiple enemies that get caught in it. This comes with the drawback of taking a considerable amount of time to reload, so plan your shots carefully.

Mines: These have a similar damage pattern to the bazooka in that they cause massive splash damage, but instead of firing them across the arena you need to be proactive with where you lay your mines. Mines will also kill large enemies in one hit, provided they’re not at the edge of the blast radius. Avoid placing mines on top of each other, and try to get as much coverage around the level as possible.

Grenade Launcher: Grenades have a similar damage pattern to both the bazooka and mines, but are fired in an arc and will bounce for a second before exploding. One useful thing to know with grenades is if you launch one into the fire, it will come back out at the top of the screen, just like red enemies.

Flamethrower: One of the best weapons for killing small enemies, as it blasts fire on the ground that they quickly die in. Jumping while firing allows you to shoot flames a tiny bit farther, to get some great platform coverage. Like grenades, flames shot into the fire at the bottom of the screen will spray out at the top which can be handy.

Disc Gun: What makes the disc gun unique compared to all the other weapons in the game is it can ricochet, killing enemies both as you shoot it and when it bounces back. It slices through everything it comes in contact with, including you, so be careful when it comes flying back at you. The disc gun is incredibly powerful, killing all small enemies in one hit and large enemies in two.

Laser Rifle: The laser rifle can kill an entire wave of enemies in one hit, but comes with the drastic side effect of requiring time to charge up. With how fast Super Crate Box plays, this can be less than ideal! While it’s charging, the mini laser at the front of the gun can kill enemies on contact, but much like the katana it requires getting way too close for comfort.

As they say, knowing is half the battle, and being aware of what these weapons all do will go a long way in helping you formulate your own personal strategy to deal with the endless onslaught of enemies to maximize how many crates you pick up in each run of Super Crate Box!

Have fun!


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