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Sushi Cat Words: The Cutest Word Game Ever

There are a lot of word games out there, but Sushi Cat Words may just be the cutest. The always-hungry Sushi Cat is looking to fill its belly, and to little surprise sushi is what is on the menu. You won’t need a sushi chef to prepare these treats, but you will need a strong vocabulary. To make each of the dishes, you’ll have to solve a certain number of word puzzles. Each puzzle gives you a specific set of letters and tasks you with combining them to reveal a list of words. If you make a word that isn’t on the list, it won’t go to waste. After all, every lunchbox needs some side dishes!

The food theme helps set Sushi Cat Words apart from other word games. Each letter looks like a tasty rice dish, and the Sushi Cat gobbles them all up at the end of each stage. Extra words show up as little side dishes, and when you find ten of them you’ll have a full bento box. That rewards you with some extra coins that you can exchange for hints if you find yourself stumped in a puzzle. Those coins can also be gained in other ways, but being able to come up with words that aren’t part of each puzzle’s list is a nice way to earn more. Plus, you get to see that bento box fill up.

Thanks to the one-handed controls and small set of letters you’ll be working with, Sushi Cat Words is a very easy game to pick up and play whenever you have a bit of time to spare. There’s no penalty for making an invalid word, so you can just slide your finger around and try whatever strikes your fancy. You can also shuffle the letters around at the tap of a button, a little trick that really shouldn’t be as helpful as it is. Sometimes you just need another angle on the problem. 

If you’re really at the end of your rope, you can buy a hint. That will give you one letter from one of the words you’re missing. Sometimes that alone is enough to get your gears turning, but as long as you have coins to spend you can keep on buying more hints. Still, those hints are just costly enough that you really can’t afford to go too wild on them. Once your coins are out, you’re on your own. A very helpful feature, but one that you really can’t afford to abuse. Eventually, you’re going to have to trust your own wits.

All of this adds up to an incredibly relaxing, zen-like experience. Some puzzles can be solved in seconds. Others will take a bit more time. The comfortable colors and adorable Sushi Cat keep things nice and chill, while the limited set of letters to work with and the handy list of how many words and how long they are keeps each puzzle manageable. The extra reward of finding words that aren’t on the list gives you a chance to flex your brain even further without actually requiring you to do so. Sushi Cat Words is just so cozy to slide into and play that it’s an experience almost anyone can enjoy.


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