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Go Deep in the Dungeon with Sword of Fargoal

Sword of Fargoal is a roguelike RPG, which may be a new game genre for new GameClub members. Basically, every play through is different as all of the dungeon floors, enemies, loot, and everything else is completely random! The goal of the game is not only to make it to the 20th floor, but also retrieve the Sword of Fargoal and make it out alive!

To get a feel for the basics, play in Squire Mode which makes the game far more forgiving, letting new players can get a feel for how the various mechanics work. These tips are for when you’re ready to take the next step and make a serious run to the bottom of the dungeon and back!

The most difficult part of the game are the few floors leading up to the final 20th floor and tracing your steps back, so conserve as much as you possibly can until you hit level 15 or so. This means hoarding all the potions and magic spells that you think might even be remotely useful later, as level 20 will have narrow corridors with enemies that cannot be bypassed. Your only choice will be to fight!

While you’re on your way down, there are two other things to focus on: fully explore every level so it is completely mapped, and step on all rubble in each level. The reason being is that when you’re racing to the top, it’s vital to know where every exit is, and while you might take damage, falling down a pit and having the rope to escape might create an incredibly useful shortcut for your return journey.

The best way to be able to conserve healing and magic is to be sure you’re leveling up at least two levels for each floor of the dungeon you’re exploring. Don’t run from monsters, particularly early in the game, as the more overpowered you can make your character, the less healing you will need.

Finally, save every invisibility spell you come across. One brutal lesson to be learned in Sword of Fargoal is that once you retrieve the sword, enemies can steal it from you. You’ll then need to chase them down, wasting vital time you need to make it back to the surface.

In an ideal run, you’ll be leveled up enough on each floor that monsters aren’t a threat, and you will have enough of the dungeon mapped out with ropes between floors from discovering pits. By using your invisibility spells you can quickly make it back up to the top.

Of course, being a randomized game, you’re depending on an awful lot of things going right to make that happen but… that’s all part of the fun of Sword of Fargoal!


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