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Tips and Tricks for Bardbarian

  • Use the mini-map! You can’t keep an eye on the whole field at a time unless you take a glance at the map now and then. 
  • Keep moving. There’s a considerable amount of shoot-em-up DNA in Bardbarian, which means staying put is hazardous to your health. Avoiding enemy shots will keep you alive.
  • Use Brad’s abilities. It’s easy to forget about Brad’s abilities to buff his team, but those buffs can give you the edge you’re looking for to win. 
  • Find a team that works for you and stick with it. Unless you’re willing to grind, loot will be limited. It’s better to focus on developing a smaller number of characters if you want to keep progressing smoothly.
  • Don’t let the smaller enemies pass by you. It’s easy to get intensely focused on taking out a bigger foe, but death by a thousand papercuts is a very real possibility in Bardbarian. Clean out the weaker foes first wherever possible.


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