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Tips and Tricks for The Heist

Alien Sudoku

Don’t guess: Guessing will make it really hard to complete a puzzle, and it’s not necessary. You should always be able to “know” where a tile needs to be placed. If you aren’t sure, don’t guess.

What’s missing? This kind of puzzle is based on sudokus, which are all about process of elimination. Keep looking up and down, right and left to see what numbers aren’t placed yet, then look within a section to see if you can rule out any of the missing numbers.

Keep going: If you get stuck, keep moving to other parts of the grid where you haven’t placed numbers yet. This is the easiest way to create new opportunities and get a fresh look at the board.

Re-think the board after each tile: Got a new tile placed? Congrats! Now is the time to see what’s changed. You might have just unstuck yourself or opened up a ton of new possibilities. Each tile brings you one step closer to completing the puzzle (and unlocking the safe!)

Connect the Cords

Shrink the board by solving strategically: Want to know the trick to always solving these kinds of puzzles? Break them down into smaller sections! Work from the outside in, solving the first row and column first, then the second row and second column. 

This basically changes your 3×3 puzzle to a 2×2 puzzle, so you’ll never have to touch those tiles you’ve solved again. Keep solving smaller and smaller puzzles until you’re done!

Robot Helper

Careful Planning: These puzzles are inspired by Sokoban puzzles, which are all about careful planning of every movement made. If you get stuck, make use of the undo button and try to take a different approach.

Avoid the Obvious: Just because a power block is directly next to a hole doesn’t always mean that it’s where that power block needs to go. Consider the architects of the safe you’re cracking are clever and are actively trying to trip you up with what may seem like obvious solutions that don’t pan out.

Slide to Escape

Think ahead: This puzzle is all about thinking sequentially – the future ahead you can think, the better you solve it. You’ll see that after playing a few of them, you’ll be able to plan your moves in advance much easier! And you’ll need it, cause these get tricker and tricker the more levels you unlock.

Work backwards: Think about the last piece that’s blocking the exit. Where can that piece go to get out of the way? What needs to move to let that piece escape? Keep thinking back and back, one step at a time, and you’ll have your moves all planned out in no time.


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