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Tips for Spinning and Secret Hunting in Spider

  • Always crawl around every surface you see. You never know when you’ll find a hidden area with extra food and perhaps a little more.
  • Case out each room before you start spinning webs. Look for prime locations to build bigger webs, paying careful attention to objects that help bridge gaps.
  • Watch the paths of the insects carefully before creating your webs. If you’re careful about where you place it, even a small web can catch a lot of prey.
  • Dragonflies can be a little tricky to catch. Build your web first, then tackle the dragonfly so that it hits the web. Eat it quickly, as it will break free before too long. 
  • The tombstone near the fountain carries a vital secret. Be sure to make a note of it once you’ve found it.
  • Check the Records screen to keep track of how many of the game’s secrets you’ve found. Uncovering them all will help you gain access to the secret area just before the end of the game!


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