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Top 10 Skills in Cursed Treasure 2

Trying to decide on some of the most useful skills to pick up and upgrade? Here are some useful ones you’ll definitely want to invest in. Don’t forget that you can re-spec at no cost whenever you like, so feel free to experiment a little beyond these vital skills.


  • Die and Deliver earns you a lot of extra coins, which allows you to invest more in your defense. Win-win.
  • Timber Yard gets you coins for chopping down trees, which is something you’re going to be doing a lot of anyway. Why not profit from it?
  • Cut Out Mastery reduces the mana cost of cutting down those trees, allowing you to convert a little mana into a lot of coins once you’ve boosted both this skill and the last one.


  • Ancestral Wisdom starts you off with more mana. You always, always, always want more mana. Especially at the start when it can help you clear space for towers.
  • Soul Distillation is like the orcs’ Die and Deliver, but for mana potions instead of coins. Pump this up to get a lot of extra mana bottles, which we’ve already established is something you want.
  • Terror Mastery decreases the mana cost of the terror spell, allowing you to use it more frequently and at a lower cost. This is one of the most reliable methods of saving your bacon if a hero gets too close to the edge of the map with a gem.
  • Haunted Cave makes it so that the caves can fire undead magic at anything that comes too close, which is a nice last-ditch defense when all else has failed.


  • Infamy was already mentioned in the above tips, and it’s getting mentioned again here. It gives you more experience points than you would normally get and is a good thing to max out as soon as possible to make it easier to gain levels for the rest of the game.
  • Contribution is the gold version of the above Ancestral Wisdom skill. It gives you more gold at the beginning of the round, which lets you build more defenses right off the hop. It’s easy to see why that’s good, right?
  • Infernal Magnet is just great. If a hero carries a gem away and is killed, the dropped gem will slowly be pulled back towards the cave. How quickly it does so depends on how much you’ve pumped up this skill, so don’t forget to invest in it.


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