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Top 5 Tips for JoyJoy

  • Familiarize yourself with all of the weapons and their Ultra Attacks. It’s okay to have a favorite but you need to be flexible as you never know which power-ups you’ll get and when you’ll need to use different attacks.
  • Know when to grab power-ups and when to let them lie for a bit. Particularly in the case of the power-ups that offer temporary assistance, it is sometimes better to keep them for when you really need them. Just don’t forget about them.
  • Use your Ultra Attack. It’s easy to ignore it, but if you have a full Ultra Meter you should be using it soon. Ultra Attacks are great for clearing out crowds, but make sure you look for a good opportunity to cut a retreat before your Ultra Meter runs dry.
  • Keep moving. If you’ve played a twin-stick shooter before you probably don’t need this advice, but enemies in games like these are designed to swarm a stationary target. Always be on the go.
  • Aim your shots. The game will do its best to auto-target if you stop shooting, but don’t rely on that. The nearest target isn’t always the one you want to be shooting at, and a lot of the weapons don’t track well if you’re not personally directing them.


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