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Top Tips for Pinball Breaker Forever

  • It’s important to adapt your strategies to the current situation. If there aren’t any bricks in the lower half of the playfield, take your time to aim at higher targets or power-ups to maximize your combos. If the bricks are nearing the bottom, it’s critical to prioritize the lowest ones.
  • Make sure you try out both of the different types of physics modes to find the one that feels best for you. Both are fully viable ways to enjoy the core game.
  • Don’t neglect the side targets. Not only will they help you earn more points, they’ll also often grant you extra effects that will help you stay alive.
  • Focus on unlocking the basic level of every power-up and skill shot first. After you’ve got them all in play, you can swing back around and start leveling up your favorites.
  • The multiball is one of the best power-ups, so you should unlock it as soon as possible and level it up at every opportunity. Not only does it increase your firepower, but it also allows you to miss a ball without taking a penalty.
  • Don’t just flail away at your flippers. Pinball is all about timing. Depending on where the ball is on the flipper, it will fly off in different directions when you activate it. Learning how to use the flippers to send the ball where you want it is a fundamental skill for playing well.


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