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Super Crate Box

🎮The award-winning arcade action game — collect crates and blast enemies!
Available on iOS

“Its high-octane play married with its no-frills, arcade game design keeps me collecting crates and blasting enemies into delightful little pieces of monster.” — TouchArcade (55)

Vlambeer’s smash hit SUPER CRATE BOX brings back the glory of the golden arcade age when all that really mattered was getting on that high score list! Grab your baseball cap and loosen your pants, it’s time to fight endless hordes of enemies and collect every weapon crate you can. Prepare for an arcade delight with tight controls, refreshing game mechanics, cracking retro art and a terribly hip chiptune soundtrack.

🎮Supports MFi, XBox, and PlayStation Controllers

The highly-acclaimed Super Crate Box is an intense experience where you have to fend off endless waves of attackers using only the contents of the crates that spawn around the arena. The more crates you grab, the higher your score, and the more awesome gear you’ll unlock for the next round. Last as long as you can with only your wits, reflexes, and whatever wild weapon you find in the next box.

  • Endless Action: You’ll never run out of enemies to blast!
  • Crates Are Great: Grab a crate to get a different weapon and wreak havoc in new ways!
  • Unlock Cool New Stuff: New weapons! New characters! New stages!
  • Wacky Weapons: More than a dozen different ways of dealing destruction including rocket launchers, katanas, land mines, and more!
  • Ambush Mode: Normal Mode not random enough for you? How about randomly appearing enemies?


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