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Super Crate Box: Character Unlock Guide

With so many characters to unlock, you may be wondering just what the conditions are for all of them. Here’s how to add them to your collection. Remember, it’s not really over until you’ve got them all.

Astronaut: Probably the easiest to unlock. Score 10 points on the Moon Temple level and you’ll get your space helmet.

Crocodile: A little harder to get than the astronaut, our reptilian friend won’t come out until you get 25 points in the Construction Yard.

Robot: Only a little more difficult than the crocodile. Learn how to do the robot by scoring 30 points in the Rocket Silo stage.

Piklupu: What on Earth is a piklupu? Find out by pushing a little further on the Moon Temple and scoring 35 points. 

Billy: If you want to hang out with Billy, you’d better practice your skills. You can unlock Billy by scoring 100 points in any arena in Normal Mode.

Chicken: You won’t unlock the chicken if you play like a chicken. You can find this character by scoring 50 points in any arena in SFMT Mode. It’s clucking tough.

Ninja: Ninjas don’t like coming out of the shadows unless they really have to. To coax this one out, you’ll need to rack up 20 points in any arena in Ambush Mode. Well, ninjas do love a good ambush, after all.

Mr. Canabalt: This well-dressed fellow is a fan of running and jumping in his own game, and to unlock him in Super Crate Box, you’ll have to do just that. Collect 10 crates in any arena without using your weapon, and he’s yours.

Meat Boy: If you’ve ever played the games Meat Boy hails from, you know they’re all about dying again and again. If you want to use Meat Boy here, you’ll have to die 500 times. 

Spelunky Explorer: Where there’s a dangerous temple, this brave explorer isn’t far behind. Get 10 points in the Moon Temple in Ambush Mode and he’ll join your team. 

Vlambeer: Is it a mascot? A warning? Or something else? Get Vlambeer by doing the thing that Vlambeer wants you to do: collect crates, and a lot of them. 1000 of them, to be precise. You don’t have to get them all in one round, thankfully.

Halfbot: Collecting crates is all well and good, but when do we get to the shooting factory? Halfbot will join the roster once you’ve taken out 5000 foes, so keep on blasting them away.

Starkid: This mysterious kid will only appear if you manage to kill a gold-colored enemy. Wait, a gold enemy? How do you make one of those appear? Leave an enemy alone long enough and you may find out.


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