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Mikey Hooks

Swing back into action as Mikey Shorts returns with a brand-new hook!
Available on iOS

In Mikey Hooks, you’ll have to master Mikey’s newest trick if you want to save the day. Our hero now has a grappling hook that he can use to swing onto new paths and over deadly obstacles. Use this technique and all of Mikey’s other moves to tackle 24 totally new stages set across 6 bizarre worlds.

Reaching the end of each of the 24 courses is only the start of the fun. You’ll need to collect all of the coins, find hidden areas, and speed your way to the goal in record time if you want to earn every achievement. Use the coins you collect to unlock more than 100 new disguises that you can use to customize your Mikey. Take on the new Race Mode and see how quickly you can make your way through 6 huge courses specially built to test your speed-running skills. You’ll be hooked on this wild adventure!

🎮Supports MFi, XBox, and PlayStation Controllers


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