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GameClub Android Launch Titles

GameClub is the all-you-can-play subscription home for mobile gaming’s greatest hits, now available on both iOS and Android. Your GameClub subscription is totally cross platform, and works on nearly any device capable of downloading apps on the iOS App Store and Google Play! The GameClub library includes something for everyone, whether you’re looking for hardcore strategy games, lightheated arcade games, or anything in between.

GameClub releases new games on a weekly basis. Here are the currently available GameClub titles on Android:

GameClub’s Most Popular Titles

Breach & Clear – Recruit and deck out an elite squad of operatives to take on strategic missions. Plan your moves carefully, because you never know when and where your foes will appear. Take advantage of a wide array of weapons and classes to ensure that you can own every angle in combat.

Deathbat – In Hail to the King: Deathbat, you’ll travel through nightmarish worlds filled with monsters, traps, and deadly bosses. Wield your weapon of choice and slash apart the creatures that stand between you and your revenge. Battle evil to a haunting soundtrack created by Avenged Sevenfold specifically for the game. 

FIRST TIME ON ANDROID: Flick Fishing – Flick Fishing is a full-blown remake of one of the most popular mobile fishing games of all-time. Pack your gear and visit one of 11 gorgeous fishing spots to try your hand at catching 34 different types of fish. Play in tournaments, or just relax and enjoy some stress-free time on your own.

Neon Shadow – This homage to classic first person shooters is an adrenaline-packed romp through a sci-fi world with tons of enemies to blow away. Or, hop into the cross-platform multiplayer to pit your skills against up to four players.

Paint it Back – In this quirky take on the classic puzzle book staple, you have to help restore an entire museum full of paintings that were wiped out. Using the clues and a bit of logic, paint back each lost masterpiece one square at a time. Earn medals and open up new galleries full of more art in need of your artistic touch.

FIRST TIME ON ANDROID: Puzzlejuice – From the creator of Threes!, Puzzlejuice is a strange brew where you have to match pieces to create letters, then use those letters to spell words. Think quickly, or you’ll be buried in rubble! Match up pieces carefully and make bigger and better words to rack up combos and boost your score.

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon – This sequel to the award-winning hit Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor once again puts you in the role of an ordinary spider on an extraordinary adventure. You’ll explore a bigger and more complex world, constructing elaborate webs to catch prey and trying to solve the many riddles you’ll come across. This time, the solutions to the puzzles go beyond the game itself.

Games for Puzzle Fanatics:

Sushi Cat Words – The adorable Sushi Cat has found a new way to feed his hunger. Play through hundreds of levels of word-searching puzzle fun to serve up mouth-watering dishes to satisfy the kitty’s demands. 

Faif – Do you feel lucky? Faif is a clever twist on matching games, that hinges heavily on how much risk you’d like to take. Will you play conservatively and safely, or risk it all on the roll of Faif’s virtual dice?

Roofbot – Play as the adorable Roofbot in this brain-twisting puzzler. Each level features grid-based tiles which can only be traversed once. Match all the power orbs to their corresponding squared to thwart the plans of the evil Uber-bot!

Dr. Schplot’s Nanobots – This game plays a lot like some of the ultra-popular free to play puzzler battlers but was designed from the ground up to be a premium game experience. You’ll assemble a team of characters to fight with, and progress through a single player story campaign using a matching mechanic to drive the whole adventure forward.

Rope Rescue – Hailing from the golden-age of physics puzzlers, Rope Rescue puts players to the test of stringing a rope around various pulleys to unlock a cage, but extreme care needs to be made with each move as every level is packed to the brim with obstacles.

Dig! – Play as an archeologist trying to uncover the treasures of the ancient world as you evade an endless swarm of skeletons that aren’t too happy with your quest for treasure. Dig a grid, and see how deep you can go!

FIRST TIME ON ANDROID: Swap This! – A beautiful puzzle game that puts players in charge of swapping tiles around to create truly massive cascading matches. Featuring multiple game modes, Swap This! is an incredible premium puzzler.

FIRST TIME ON ANDROID: Zombie Match Defense – This highly strategic matching game combines familiar match-three gameplay with a lane-based defense mechanic similar to Plants vs Zombies. Every move you make matters, as with each match the zombies advance closer to eating your scientists’ brains!

Twisty Planets – Help little fella Qub escape the twisty planets, find stars to open portals and escape! Navigate springboards, moving platforms and teleports to find the way out of the 3D planets.

Games for Aspiring Adventurers:

Pocket RPG – In Pocket RPG, you choose one of three brave heroes and head out on adventures to save the land from evil forces. In each quest, you’ll battle countless monsters with your weapons of choice, discover useful treasure, and collect plenty of gold coins. Gain levels and gather loot that you can use to pick up permanent upgrades for your hero before heading out on the next quest!

Tales of the Adventure Company – This roguelike has been distilled down to its essence, putting players in charge of a myriad of different adventurers working through tile-based puzzles. How deep into the dungeon can you survive?

Aralon: Sword & Shadow – Take on one of the biggest quests that ever fit in a pocket in Aralon: Sword and Shadow. An epic role-playing adventure with a sprawling open world teeming with monsters, hidden secrets, and quests, Aralon allows you to create your character and explore its lands however you like.

FIRST TIME ON ANDROID: ORC: Vengeance – This cult favorite action-RPG puts you in the over-sized boots of an orc warchief as he embarks on a quest for revenge. Crawl through dungeons, collect loot, equip gear, and free your people from The Dark One!

Bardbarian – Looking to spice up his routine life of bashing baddies, Brad the Barbarian trades in his battleaxe for another kind of axe. Now a Bardbarian, Brad uses the power of rock to summon allies and battle enemies in this intense strategic action game!

Games for Everyone:

The Big Journey – Mr. Whiskers is a plump cat with a taste for dumplings made by his friend, Mr. Choo. When Mr. Choo goes missing one day, Mr. Whiskers embarks on a big journey to find him. Roll and jump through forests, deserts, and mountains, avoiding tricky traps and snacking on delicious dumplings!

Baby Lava Bounce – Fly as high and far as you can as a molten piece of lava in Baby Lava Bounce. Jump over numerous obstacles, but keep yourself smoldering by bouncing off the tops of volcanoes. Gain enough momentum and you can even make it into space!

FIRST TIME ON ANDROID: Hackycat – Juggle cats in the air for as high of a score as possible in this reaction-based arcade game by the original creator of Monument Valley!

Toki Tori – In Toki Tori, you play as a little bird who uses a variety of skills and gadgets to navigate tricky stages and rescue the stolen eggs containing his brothers and sisters. Travel through more than 60 stages of puzzle action set across 4 different worlds, each with its own twists and tools to solve them.

KANO – This fast-paced reaction-based high scoring arcade game puts players in charge of managing a rotating platform floating in a pool of lava! Meanwhile, a bouncing object can only land on its corresponding color otherwise that segment of the platform burns. How long can you survive?

Paper Monsters – Dive into the world of Paper Monsters and watch a living world made out of paper, cardboard, and a few cotton balls unfold right before your eyes. Paper Monsters takes all of the classic 2d platforming elements, combines them with cutting edge graphics and then packs it onto your mobile device!

The Sleeping Prince – Princes are natural heroes, but what if they’re asleep? In The Sleeping Prince, you flick, fling, and send flying a sleeping prince to help him reverse an evil curse that a wizard has placed across the entire kingdom.

Snowball! – Ever wonder what ultimate kid power is truly capable of? Experience a homemade and hand-cranked winter pinball adventure, sending your behemoth snow spheres through a bobsled maze of snowbanks, homemade wooden paddles, Tesla coils, igloos, railcars and more.

Games for Strategy Buffs:

FIRST TIME ON ANDROID: Raid Leader – The most exciting part of any MMORPG is the epic boss battles, so Raid Leader cuts straight to the action! Control a typical MMO party all by yourself using a clever touch-based control scheme.

Swords & Soldiers – Strategize which units to build to best defeat the incoming enemy forces in this modern reimagination of the classic castle vs castle battler. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses, which all must be factored in as part of your grand battle strategy!

The Path to Luma – Control your friendly robot companion SAM to clean up planets by building a clean energy grid of solar and wind power generators. With its unique art style, Path to Luma is a joy to play

FIRST TIME ON ANDROID: Wizard Golf RPG – This game is exactly what it says it is! Play as a wizard, in an RPG, with a really clever golf mechanic where you cast different spells to fling yourself toward the exit of each level.

Games to Go Fast:

FIRST TIME ON ANDROID: Cubed Rally Racer – This isometric 3D rally racer plays like a modern spin on classic titles like RC Pro Am. Collect gas cans to keep your fuel tank full while you jump over ramps, avoid cows, drift through turns, and tons more.

Cubed Rally World – This sequel to Cubed Rally Racer builds on the foundation of the original, with a new control scheme that focuses more on avoiding obstacles than steering. Cubed Rally World features many more environments, and much faster paced gameplay.

Infinite Surf – This title can be played either as a zen relaxation experience, or a frantic score chasing game with its rolling combo system. Surf an endless wave, collecting orbs for point multipliers, but be careful — the higher your score the higher the difficulty of the wave you’re riding.

Rocket Ski Racing – Skiing is typically a fairly high adrenaline sport, and in this game things get cranked up to 11 through the addition of jet packs. Rocket around a series of race tracks as quickly as possible, bringing home the gold race after race.

Fast-Paced, Whimsical Shooters:

Fireball SE – In Fireball SE, staying one step ahead of the enemies isn’t just a good idea — it’s the only way to play. Hordes of deadly foes chase you around a confined arena, and you have no way to strike back at them directly. Instead, you’ll have to lead them into the mines that are scattered around and try to create massive chains of explosions!

Inferno+ – Enter a neon labyrinth packed with deadly traps and mysterious secrets. Battle your way through a gauntlet of enemies and explore mazes to find the exit on each floor. Level up and collect loot to customize your ship and power yourself up. Multiple modes and difficulty settings let you turn up the heat to just the right amount. 

JoyJoy  – Battle for your life against waves of enemy attackers in Joy Joy. There isn’t much room to run, so bring the fight to your foes with a dazzling array of weapons. Grab power-ups and charge your ultra attack to gain the upper hand when things look grim.

Glorkian Warrior – Based on the graphic novel, “The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza,” the gameplay blends aspects of retro arcade shooters like Galaga with a character-controlled platformer vibe. There are loads of special powers to use, and the boss fights are truly magnificent.

Spinnywings – This top-down aerial survival game has a clever single-tap control scheme. Play one-handed and avoid an endless incoming array of bullets while making sure to collect enough fuel to stay airborne! 

Award-Winning Platformers:

Gears – Control a rolling ball through several steampunk worlds collecting gears and discovering secrets along the way. Paying homage to original tilt-based mobile games, Gears maintains the core gameplay of original ball rollers but adds loads of graphical beauty and challenge.

FIRST TIME ON ANDROID: Return of the Zombie King – This Metroidvania-esque platformer comes with an incredibly clever twist. As you play the game you begin as a zombie that doesn’t even have eyes! As you restore each part of your body, you regain different abilities, allowing you to overcome all sorts of previously unpassable obstacles.

Circa Infinity – In Circa Infinity, you need to reach the core of each stage by slipping through a series of circular layers. Deadly creatures are on the move, and you have to jump and dodge them to safely reach the next layer.

FIRST TIME ON ANDROID: Potatoman Seeks the Troof – Put your reflexes and worldview to the test as you journey through scorching deserts, dark forests, busy cities, the tallest mountains and eventually your own potato-consciousness in search of the ultimate answer.


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