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Breach & Clear

Build a squad, plan carefully, and lead your team in this tense strategic game
Available on Android Available on iOS

Your enemies are waiting somewhere in the area, but you have no idea where and when they’ll come. Your Special Operations squad is well-prepared and equipped with the best gear you can afford. Wipe the sweat from your brow, take a deep breath, and choose your moves carefully. Each soldier matters, every decision counts.

Did you consider every angle? Have you anticipated the enemy’s tactics? Your strategy determines whether the mission succeeds or fails.

Breach & Clear was developed with support from real members of the Special Operations Forces community in order to deliver a realistic yet accessible tactical experience. Recruit and deck out an elite squad of operatives to take on strategic missions. Plan your moves carefully, because you never know when and where your foes will appear. Take advantage of a wide array of weapons and classes to ensure that you can own every angle in combat.


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