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Aralon Character Creation Guide

Before you set out on your epic adventure, you’ll need to design your character. Not sure how to choose between the many options? We’re here to help.

Human, Elf, or Troll?

You can choose between three races: humans, elves, and trolls. You can also choose your gender. There aren’t many substantial differences between the races, but be advised that trolls can’t use two of the job classes (Ranger and Mage) and are restricted to males only. Basically, choose whatever you prefer here.

Job Class

Your job class, on the other hand, is a much more important choice. Each class has access to different skills and equipment, and the way you get through the game is going to depend heavily on which one you select. Let’s go through them one by one.

Warrior: As you would expect, the Warrior specializes in brutal physical attacks. Not only can the Warrior make use of the widest selection of weapons and armor, they can also dual-wield axes and hammers. If you choose to be a Warrior, you’ll want to spend most of your earned attribute points on strength, agility, and spirit to power your special moves. Playing as a Warrior is probably the easiest route through the game.

Paladin: These holy fighters can use almost as wide a range of equipment as Warriors, but they can’t use axes or dual-wield. They more than make up for that with their access to certain magical abilities, allowing them to heal and protect themselves before they stride into battle. You’ll want to focus on your agility and spirit, just as with the Warrior, but you’ll also want to throw some points into the intellect attribute to support your casting. Paladins are a fun choice for players who like to do a little bit of everything in battle.

Rogue: Probably the most difficult class to play as. Rogues have quite a few equipment restrictions, only being allowed to equip light or medium swords and armor. They can’t carry a shield, but they can dual-wield swords. They have access to the stealth skill which, when combined with a backstab, can do devastating damage. They are the only class that can pickpocket, and their skills include some fun status ailments to inflict on enemies. Their defense is weak so it’s vital to put attribute points into endurance and agility. Like other classes, they also benefit greatly from beefing up their spirit stat. You have to play carefully with a Rogue.

Ranger: The Ranger has access to the stealth skill and the bow weapon, allowing them to do nasty attacks from afar. Rangers can also use swords when the enemy gets in close, but can’t use a shield. They also have access to a variety of magic spells, both offensive and defensive. You’ll want to beef up endurance to cover your defensive weaknesses, strength to help you deal more damage, and intellect to help your spells. Rangers also need to keep track of how many arrows they have. Always stock up when you have a chance. A Ranger without any arrows is just a less-competent Rogue.

Mage: A really fun class to use, but you have to use your head. Mages have the biggest equipment restrictions and can only use light armor and staves. This is the only class that can’t max out its skill tree. There are 55 levels on the tree, but only 49 to earn in the game. You need to think about what you want and what you don’t want. Mages in Aralon are absurdly powerful both offensively and defensively. They’re the best class for handling crowds, and once you’ve learned enough spells, you can rotate between them like a Gatling gun loaded with hot death. Key attributes here are agility, endurance, and spirit. You won’t be able to take many hits by default, and you’ll want that spirit boost to keep the hits coming.


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