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Character Class Guide for Pocket RPG

One of the keys to winning in Pocket RPG is in knowing how to play your character. Each one requires a slightly different strategy. Here are some tips to help you out!

Dark Ranger

The Dark Ranger specializes in long-range attacks, and you can probably guess what that means. Keep as far away from the enemies as possible and use your ranged attacks and special abilities to pick them off. Early on, before you’ve opened up more skills, the Dark Ranger is very vulnerable when big crowds of monsters gather in tight spaces. Always move forward with caution so that you don’t trigger more enemies than necessary. The trouble will be worth it in the end, as the Dark Ranger is able to stay out of reach of some of the nastiest attacks in the game while still dealing heavy damage.

Blade Master

Walk softly and carry a big stick. Or sword. Whatever you like. The good news about the Blade Master is that no other character can survive getting up close and personal with the enemy the way he can. The bad news is that because you have to get near the enemy to attack them properly, you’re going to be taking more hits than the other characters. That means you absolutely need to be watching your health meter at all times. If you start taking too many hits, back away and try to pick off enemies that separate from the crowd. When fighting bosses, watch them carefully so that you’ll know when to get out of the way of nastier strikes.

Battle Mage

The Battle Mage is flexible and in that sense can be the easiest character to use overall. She’s decent up close and from a distance, and her charged up magical attacks have real punch behind them. The biggest issue with her is that she’ll never be quite as strong as either of the other two from a distance or up close. Bosses can take a lot longer to kill since her strikes deal less damage. In return, she does have a lot of tricky abilities that apply status effects to enemies. Play it smart and be patient if you’re using this character.


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