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Tips & Tricks for Pocket RPG

  • Don’t forget to equip the items you pick up. They won’t do you any good sitting in your inventory. Usually whatever you grab will be better than what you have, but you’ll want to compare stats before you sell your old gear.
  • Sell whatever gear you’re not using. It just takes up space in your inventory and there’s no point hoarding when you’re going to lose it all at the end of the quest anyway. The gold you get from selling gear can be used to buy cool stuff from the shopkeeper.
  • Smash everything you see. There may not be anything inside, but you’ll often find coins and potions inside of breakable objects.
  • If you’re low on health and you can’t seem to find a potion, play very cautiously and take down enemies until you get a level-up. Your health will be refilled every time you gain a level.
  • Keep moving. Enemies will try to crowd you, but as long as you keep moving you’ll be able to avoid a lot of damage.


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