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Expert Strategy: Mage Gauntlet

As you get into the back half of Mage Gauntlet’s Normal Mode, your use of spells will make a huge difference as to whether or not you’ll survive. As such, it’s important to know what each spell does and when you should use it. Here’s a complete list of all 13 spells.

Fireball – Launch a fireball that makes an explosion that affects all enemies in its radius.

Beam of Light – Fire a direct beam of light magic that cooks enemies with its holy power.

Acid Cloud – Not too different from the fireball, but substitute ‘explosion’ with ‘acid cloud’.

Chain Zap – Chain lightning! Pick a target and watch as bolts hit them and up to five other nearby enemies.

Frost Shards – Blasts enemies with several shards of ice, covering a wide spread.

Earth Spike – A stone spike comes out of the targeted location, dealing damage to surrounding enemies and potentially stunning them.

Shadow Bomb – A real ninja move. Pick a target and you’ll teleport to that spot, dealing damage to a wide radius around you. Very useful.

Time Circle – When things get really hot, this spell can save your bacon. It will slow down time and nullify most enemy magic within the circle. It will also apply silence status to any magic-wielding enemies around you. 

Ultralucky – A buff spell that increases your luck and gives you a five times higher chance of landing a critical strike. 

Sword Fury – Channel your inner hero of time by enchanting your sword. For a brief time, your regular attacks will fire projectiles!

Summon Sprite – No, not the refreshing lemon-lime soda. This calls in a little fire elemental that will follow you around for a while and puff fireballs at enemies.

Summon Inferno – Sprite’s bigger brother comes to the party. He fires bigger fireballs at enemies for as long as he hangs around. 

Summon Shadow – Sometimes your best friend is yourself. Or, failing that, a shadow clone of yourself that stays by your side for a while and slashes away at enemies. 


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