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First Time with Mage Gauntlet

If you’re just getting started with the classic Mage Gauntlet, here are some ideas to get you going!

  • Your charge attack can punch through enemy spells and magic, allowing you to pass unharmed. Use it  whenever you can.
  • Make sure you use your magic spells. If there are ever any points in the stages where you absolutely need them, the game will provide more. Don’t sit on them when they could be helping you.
  • If you’re having trouble, equip the Phoenix Feather Trinket. This allows you to survive one killing blow, refilling your life meter and delivering a big explosion. This was originally an IAP but is available from the start at no extra cost in the GameClub version!
  • Enemies don’t respawn, so take your time and approach them carefully. If you run into a group, it’s not a bad idea to pick them off one at a time.
  • Walk around the edges of every room. If you see another room nearby, push against the walls because there may be an invisible passage.
  • Don’t forget that rapidly swinging your weapon means you’ll be dealing the least damage with each hit. Sometimes it’s better to wait a second and let your energy meter refill for a stronger strike.


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