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Getting Started with Monster Wars

Just getting started in Monster Wars? Here are some tips that will help you out early on and get you on the road to defeating the forces of light once and for all!

  • Learn each unit’s strengths and weaknesses. You can check each of them out in the Netherworld hub and compare them to get a basic idea of how fast, durable, and strong they are. Take note of each one’s special skills, as they’ll come in handy in a pinch.
  • Put units with strong defense and high amounts of hit points in front during battles. Units who can attack from a distance should always be behind a shield of tougher melee attackers. Early on, Deadknights are the best unit for this purpose as they are cheap to create and can take quite a few hits. 
  • When playing the side-scrolling stages, keep in mind that you can afford to miss things along the way and still reach your target. You don’t have to burn down every building you see along the way, for example. If doing so would require you to take damage, you may want to pass and attack the next one. Indeed, if you’re farming gems, you may want to stretch out these stages to increase your income. 
  • Avoid taking unnecessary risks during levels that see you escorting a special unit. No matter how strong the character or object you’re guarding may seem, you need to be careful and play things safely. Keep important units surrounded by tough defenders like Deadknights. You may want to take a Necromancer along for the ride if you can afford one as she can heal damage and create creatures to help block attacks while she’s at it. 
  • Don’t forget to use your special skills and magic. Many of the earlier levels can be easily conquered without them, so you may forget all about them. When things start looking bad, using your special skills and casting some magic can go a long way towards turning things around. These abilities are also useful for ending missions faster, saving you time and some hassle.


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