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Speed Run Strategies for Mikey Boots

  • Take some time to get used to Mikey’s gravity. There are times where you’re going to need to take a drop and activate the boots at the last second, so you need to learn to recognize that last second.
  • It doesn’t take too many stars to unlock all of the stages. If that’s your goal, spend some time on the easier stages to get three stars on as many of them as possible. You’ll have all of the levels unlocked in no time!
  • Always expect missiles. The level designs in Mikey Boots love to throw missiles in what seems to be the central path. Once a missile has passed, it won’t launch again, so take it slowly if you’re not worried about your time. 
  • The levels are built such that you should be able to speed through them as long as you maintain your momentum. Timed elements like moving spikes, sparks, and missiles won’t be in your way if you’ve been fast enough reaching them.
  • The stricter level designs make it generally easier to spot where hidden passages are, but keep your eyes peeled for any area that seems big enough to fit a rocket-powered Mikey.


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