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Helpful Hints for Tokyo 42

Looking for quick tips to help you survive Micro Tokyo? Look no further!

Take a Look Around: You can move the perspective to look around you, and that’s something you should get in the habit of doing. Just swipe to rotate right or left. You’ll never know what new routes or secrets you may find!

Slow Down: If you have a chance to explore before getting into any trouble, take it. There are a lot of secrets to be found in Tokyo, and many of them will prove beneficial to you in completing your missions. 

Practice Makes Perfect: Your character can jump like a pro, but it can be a little hard to get a hang of it. Take some time to hop around the rooftops and get accustomed to the extreme air you can grab. More importantly, practice landing! 

Get to Higher Ground: As you might expect, it’s a good idea to get up as high as you can. It’s easier to hit your targets, offers more options for a getaway, and may even reveal some interesting secrets. 

Experiment with Different Approaches: Some missions call for a careful stealthy approach, while others are easier if you go in guns blazing. If you’re having trouble finishing a mission, try changing your tactics. Each situation is like a puzzle, so you need to find the right way to solve it. 

Plan Your Escape: Regardless of how you go about things, make sure you figure out your escape route before you start causing a ruckus. You don’t want to be running around wild with a bunch of angry, well-armed people on your tail. Having some idea of how to escape will make things go a lot smoother for you. 

Check for Shortcuts: In general, becoming familiar with the city is always going to help you. It’s especially useful when you have to race, as there are a lot of time-saving corners you can cut if you know what you’re doing. 

Build Up Your Arsenal: Chances are good that you’ll find a couple of weapons you like and will want to stick with them. At the same time, certain situations call for different equipment. By collecting as many weapons as possible, you’ll have your bases covered.

Not All Paths Are Visible: Without saying too much, there are some paths that you won’t be able to see. Some juicy secrets are hiding in the big city for those with those willing to take a leap of faith in the right places.


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