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Tokyo 42: Secret Items Guide

Are you a completionist, or are you just the kind of person who likes exclusive toys? Either way, we’ve got a guide here that will direct you to two secret items in Tokyo 42: the silenced pistol and the jetpack. You’ll need to hit three buttons to get them — and we’ll walk you through step by step.

First things first — before you can collect the jetpack, you need to have unlocked the Hush Nau gun and all secret portals. You can collect the silenced pistol any time after you’ve unlocked the cathedral.

Okay, ready? Navigate to the top of the white triangular building, with the staircase leading to the top. From there, you can jump on top of the black cube below.

This will send you through a tunnel and then launch you out of the large green building nearby.

The second (and we do mean second, you’ve got to be fast!) you launch out, open up the map and teleport to this location near the factory.

You’ll end up keeping the momentum you’ve built up and fly up into the sky — it’s a cool moment, but don’t get too excited. This next part is tricky. You’ll need to be lucky enough to have a car passing by which you can land on. It’s likely to take a few tries, since it’s based on luck, but we believe in you.

Once on the car, ride it until you get to this building behind the blue tower.

There’s an invisible pathway that will lead to a cat skin and a button. Follow the red lines in the screenshot below.

Next, head to the cathedral (you’ll need to have completed enough story to unlock this) and enter through the front doors.

Once inside, rotate the camera so you’re facing the doors. You’ll be able to see a platform with the second button on it. Step on it!

Last button! Head over to the black head and step on the last button in front of it. It’s going to open up and reveal the inside of the skull — and also reveal your silenced pistol. If you’ve already got the Hush Nau and secret portals, the Jetpack will be revealed as well.


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