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Mastering Zombie Defense Match’s Endless Mode

The first Endless mode is straightforward enough, and most of your strategies from the main mode will apply just as well here. The second Endless mode, on the other hand, requires a different approach. Here are some tips for that beautiful chaos.

Zombies are absolutely going to get past you sometimes. Once you accept that, you can start figuring out what to do about it. Your item choices are very important here. It’s recommended that you bring the Brain Freeze, the Dynamite, and the Shotgun. Being able to stop a single zombie for a turn is more useful than the Crane in this mode. It will block the zombies behind it, buying you time. The Shield is nice but will only protect a scientist once, whereas the Dynamite is the best way to take care of stubborn sumo zombies or any zombie that gets too close to the door. Finally, the Shotgun is a great defensive weapon that proves more useful than the Sprinkle Cone’s wildcard capability. 

As for the different zombies, you just have to keep a few things in mind. Normal zombies aren’t much trouble, so long as you don’t let them get too close to the left. Keep an eye on hockey zombies, as they can move in tricky ways. They’re not a big problem, but they can surprise you if you’re not careful. The hardhat zombies are only a problem if you let them get too far to the left. Remember that they take two hits to defeat, so if they’re two steps from the door you are already out of time. The biggest problem is the sumo zombie. Use Dynamite to stop them if you have it, and always prioritize taking them off the field.

In general, you’ll be playing keep-away just as much as you’ll be going on the offensive here. Sometimes the smartest move you can make is a vertical match that will shift every zombie back a step. Keep an eye open for any and all chances to take out more than one zombie at a time, because if you can’t do at least that much, you won’t survive for very long. Good luck!


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