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Tips & Tricks: Zombie Match Defense

  • Don’t forget you can make matches horizontally or vertically. Keep your eyes peeled for the best move in either direction.
  • You can move brains with zombies attached to them, with the exception of the sumo zombie. Because of that, be extra careful when sumo zombies are in play. Use the Dynamite item if you’re having a lot of trouble with them.
  • If you’re fully stocked on items, use one of them. Otherwise, the next big match you make will be a total waste of an item. 
  • Remember that if you can’t kill a zombie that is approaching a scientist, you can always make a match behind them to push them back. It’ll buy you a little time.
  • Sometimes it’s best to make a match elsewhere on the board to wait for zombies to jump into more vulnerable positions.
  • If you find yourself letting a lot of zombies slip by, use the defensive items that can be equipped on the scientists rather than the offensive ones.
  • Even though it will cost you a star on your ranking for the level, it’s sometimes the smart move to spend a turn moving a piece to set up a match on the next turn.


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