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The 23 Playable Characters in Minigore

Starting Characters

Aside from John Gore, the remainder of these characters used to cost extra money to unlock — but they’re all included free for GameClub subscribers!

  • John Gore: The little square fellow who still keeps wondering how he ended up in Hardland in the first place.
  • Gangster Gore: John Gore’s dark outfit and criminal attitude is not just for show. Bonus: dual-wields machine guns.
  • White Gangster Gore: Excessive bleeding makes for a stylish red suit. Bonus: dual-wields shotguns.
  • Kid Gore: Young John Gore wearing a pair of nice shades!
  • Santa: Father Christmas, the protector of goods, whose weakness for clovers is well known in Hardland.
  • Easter Bunny: For this monstrosity created by Doctor Metusalem, Easter never ends.
  • Zombie Gore: It isn’t delicious if it ain’t brains. Bonus (?): can’t shoot straight.
  • Undead Jenny: Not only is she the first girl to set foot in Hardland, Jenny is also completely deceased. Bonus: wears a moosehead.
  • Grandpa: He’s older than the house where they used to live. That makes him about 120 years old. Bonus: wields a shotgun.
  • Grandma: She’s pretty lively for a dead lady. Prefers firearms over knitting.
  • Elder Gores: They’ve been inseparable for a century. That pretty much speaks for itself. Bonus: AI-character.
  • Emperor Penguin: The master and commander of all birds that can’t fly. Makes up for its lack with some crafty gunslinging.
  • Penguin Mob: Imagine having wings you couldn’t use for flying. You would be one angry bird, too! Bonus: it’s a mob.

Unlockable Characters

These characters can only be unlocked if you have racked up a high enough kill count.

  • Jerry Gore (100 kills): Claims having escaped from a nursing home. Rumor has him running from a mental institute, instead.
  • Zombieville Guy (1,500 kills): The last survivor of a suburban zombie apocalypse, this fella’s no stranger to trouble.
  • Hook Champ (2,000 kills): After losing his grappling hook, Jake finds himself with just a gun, his hat, and emergency backup hat.
  • Sway’s Lizzy (3,000 kills): Be kind! She is a bit shy.
  • Sway’s Ninja Man (5,000 kills): Fast and furious. Bonus: long sprint when damaged.
  • Bike Baron (10,000 kills): The one and only, amazing Bike Maron! He gets his pension money in bullets. Bonus: dual-wields machine guns.
  • Evan Hsu (14,000 kills): Must be brought to the Hardland market square and executed. Crime: winning the tagline contest.
  • Enviro-Bear (32,000 kills): Who is shooting that shotgun? Oh my god, a Bear is Shooting! How can that Be?! Bonus: wields a shotgun.
  • Xmas Gore (100,000 kills): A family-friendly way for John to bleed as you can’t possibly get more soaked in red!
  • Sensei Evan (1,000,000 kills): Do you have what it takes to reach Sensei Evan, the master of taglines? Too skilled for leaderboards. Bonus: dual-wields grenade launchers.


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