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Mikey Jumps Game Guide

  • You won’t lose any lives on the first stage in each set. Take the opportunity to practice with whatever mechanics each of those first stages has to offer. The extra experience will help you later on!
  • Generally speaking, each stage really has only one way to clear it. If you’re having trouble, think carefully about what you are and aren’t doing. Even the jumps work a bit like a puzzle here.
  • Keep cool. You have a generous allotment of lives for each set of stages, but not so generous that you can afford to lose multiple lives at the same spot because you got frustrated.
  • Your character will start running immediately, even after restarts. Pause the game if you want to take your time looking at the layout of the stage before you get going.
  • All moving elements like enemies, platforms, and traps will be reset to their original positions when you respawn. Everything is timed such that you can keep moving and hit everything you need to. 


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