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Breach & Clear: Expansion Overview

You’ve sunk hours on end into Breach and Clear. You know every weapon, every mission, every map like the back of your hand. You’ve owned every angle. But your job isn’t done yet, soldier. We’re pleased to announce that new content has launched in in Breach and Clear, exclusively for GameClub subscribers. Start planning your tactics now — here’s what you can find in this expansion pack. (And if you’re looking for a super-detailed inventory, check out our full list of what’s in the expansion.)

Prepare for Deployment in Johannesburg, South Africa

If you want to eliminate a weed, you need to get rid of the roots. Our intel has uncovered a terrorist training facility in Johannesburg. In these kill houses, men are molded into monsters through merciless training in close contact combat. It goes without saying that taking out this facility will strike a devastating blow to the terrorist threat, but it won’t be easy. You’ve never faced a challenge quite like this before!

The First Strike

The new expansion includes 21 total new missions — but it all begins with five maps in this new combat environment. Each of these maps offers three different types of missions for you to tackle, with a different approach and fresh tactics required in order to successfully complete your tasks. You can choose from five different difficulty levels for each of the missions, giving you an incredible number of new scenarios to battle your way through.

Bonus Maps for Kabul and Sivas

Feeling nostalgic? Kabul and Sivas are not only the first two locations in Breach & Clear, they are the most popular regions for players to revisit. We’ve expanded their offerings with an extra-large bonus map for each location — and each one comes with three types of missions, each with five levels of difficulty.

The Right Tools for the Job

Don’t worry, we’re not sending you in without some new tricks of your own. The expansion includes 18 new weapons. Light machine guns (LMGs), snipers, shotguns, rifles, submachine guns — we’re introducing a lot of new firepower. We’re also adding in 9 new attachments to boost your team’s power and accuracy (more on that below!).

Like earning patches? There are 16 new ones for you to add to your collection – many of which boost multiple stats!

All-New Gear and Stats System

Starting with this update, what you bring into battle becomes more important than ever. Your choice of weapons, the gear you bring, and even the attachments you use all affect the parameters and performance of your soldiers. Units carrying heavy weapons won’t be able to move as quickly as those with lighter ones. As the commander, it’s up to you to create a balanced force with this new tactical layer in mind. You’ve got everything you need to succeed, but it’s on you to figure out where the pieces have to go.

We’re excited to bring new content to this cherished classic, giving you all new challenges to overcome and new strategies to learn. Now, it’s time to head out and begin the campaign in Johannesburg. Always remember the golden rule, commanders: own every angle. 


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