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The history of Legendary Wars is as epic as the game itself.

Legendary Wars was released on the App Store on January 27th, 2011. It was the first game released by Liv Games, a relatively small independent developer based in Orange County, California. Though the company was officially founded in 2010, its story started in 2009 when a trio of friends came together to work on a prototype for a music puzzle game. One piece of music created for that game inspired the team to create an epic battle game instead. They put together a prototype for Legendary Wars in just over four months. That demo, along with a video, was used to recruit members in order to complete the full game. The complete development team for Legendary Wars was more or less assembled by the spring of 2010. The remaining development on the game took around ten months.

The developers have cited influences from 16-bit console games and PC games of their childhood that shaped the look, sound, and gameplay of Legendary Wars. The quirky sense of humor and light-hearted nature of the game was an attempt to pay homage to some of the team’s favorite RPG and adventure games. Company founder Orian Livnat was a big fan of side-scrolling games when he was young, which led to the inclusion of the side-scrolling mini-game stages as a means of breaking up the regular gameplay style. The team chose to put the game on iOS for a variety of reasons, including the accessible development environment, a fondness for the iPhone, and the success of certain other titles in the market.¬†

Legendary Wars launched in January of 2011 to largely favorable reviews, with many of them praising the game for its gameplay depth, large variety of modes, and large amount of content. It was featured numerous times by Apple and received a number of updates that added more content, improved graphics, and various other improvements based on player feedback. The game’s success led to two follow-ups titled Monster Wars and Stellar Wars, which further added to the concept. Unfortunately, time catches up to most things, and when 32-bit support was removed from iOS, Legendary Wars was left behind. It was later updated and revived as part of the GameClub¬†line-up.


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