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Become a master of Legendary Wars

Having some trouble getting started in Legendary Wars? Here are some tips that will get you through the growing pains and onto the road to victory!

  • Get to know what each unit’s strengths and weaknesses are. You can check all of them in the Armory and compare their stats to get a basic idea of how fast, durable, and strong they are. You’ll also want to keep their special skills in mind.
  • Put units with strong defense and high amounts of hit points in front during battles. Units who can attack from a distance should always be behind a shield of tougher melee attackers. Knightys are ideal for this purpose as they don’t cost many gems to create and can take quite a few hits. 
  • You can learn a lot by failing. Don’t be afraid to try a stage to see what types of monsters and other challenges you need to tackle. If you lose, you’ll have valuable information that can help you make a new plan. For example, if the stage has a lot of undead enemies in it, you may want to bring Fauns rather than Elfys since they can deal extra damage to that type of monster.
  • If you can’t make any headway, you may need to train your units to power them up. You can replay earlier stages or play some of the extra modes if you need more gems for training. Don’t neglect your castle’s defenses, either. Boosting the hit points of your castle can buy you valuable seconds that might make the difference between success and failure. 
  • Make sure you’re using the buttons at the top of the screen to give orders to your units. In the chaos of battle, ranks can quickly become disorganized. A quick tap of a button can bring everyone back in line and close any holes that may have appeared in your defense. Similarly, you can order all of a unit type to press forward and attack rather than trying to guide them individually. 
  • You can’t win a battle if the resources aren’t coming in as fast as you need them. Don’t forget to invest some of your gems at the Armory on improving your Miners and their capabilities. Those upgrades are relatively expensive, but they’re more than worth the price.
  • If you need more moonstones, you can get them by playing the extra modes, completing certain challenges, and by tackling the story campaign maps on higher difficulties. Only spend them on things you really think you’ll use, as they don’t come along terribly often. It’s not a bad idea to just go with the flow and hang on to them until the game advises you on how to spend them.
  • When playing the side-scrolling stages, keep in mind that you can afford to miss things along the way and still reach your target. For example, the first such stage has you recruiting ten Elfys by touching them. You don’t have to touch the first ten Elfys you see. If doing so would require you to take damage, you may want to pass and get the next one.
  • Play it safe during the escort levels. No matter how strong the character you’re guarding may seem, you need to be careful to avoid unnecessary risk. Keep them surrounded by tough defenders like Knightys. It’s a good idea to have a Healer along for the ride if you can afford one so that you can patch up any damage the unit may take. 
  • Don’t forget to use your special skills and magic. Many levels can be easily beaten without them, so you may forget you have access to those powers. When the going gets tough, proper use of special skills and a timely casting of magic can turn the tide in a flash.
  • Stacking your units is a very good strategy if you can get the positioning just right. If your units overlap each other, any damage received will generally be spread among them, keeping everyone alive and dealing damage that much longer. Be careful with this, however. Some enemy skills can wreak havoc if you have too many units concentrated in a small area.
  • While more powerful units like Unicorns and Centaurs can be very useful in tough fights, don’t underestimate the power of the simple Elfy. If you stack a few of them in each row, they’ll easily whittle down most incoming enemies before they can hit back.
  • The Healer’s ability to charm monsters can be used to finish some battles very quickly. Deploy a Healer as soon as possible and have her charge the enemy castle. Have her attack any strong enemy waiting around the base and if she’s able to charm them, use their special skills to have them destroy their own home!


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