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The Ultimate Legendary Wars Challenge: Monster Mode

One of the big updates to the game after its initial release included the addition of a new difficulty setting called Monster Mode. This is the ultimate test of your skills as a Legendary Wars player, and you can’t really say you’ve closed the book on Legendary Wars until you’ve cleared it. Don’t even think about setting foot in this difficulty until you’ve upgraded your units to Tier-5, however.

  • Centaurs are a great choice if you’re looking to field the best possible team. They’re the fastest units in the game, and a speed advantage is nothing to sneeze at when the goal is reaching the other end of the field as soon as possible. 
  • Wizards are also a very useful unit as long as you can keep them from getting squashed.
  • Healers are naturally helpful to have along thanks to their charm and support skills.
  • You’ll also want to get your Elfys upgraded to Tier-5, as a good pile of them can serve as a wall to protect your Wizards while they nuke the incoming enemies in the defensive stages.

There aren’t many challenges that can stand up against some combination of Centaur rushes, Healer charms, mass Wizard-nuking, and stacked Elfys tanking. Good luck!


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