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Space Miner

Not just another day in the space mines in this beloved action-RPG shooter.
Available on Android Available on iOS

Experience the critically-acclaimed Space Miner and see why it won TouchArcade’s 2010 Game of the Year award. Mine valuable ore and sell it to get the money you need to upgrade your ship and keep your space mining business going. Blast enemies and explore the galaxy as your business and its reach expands into the cosmos.

🎮Supports MFi, XBox, and PlayStation Controllers

  • Classic Arcade Action: Use your thrusters to move around the asteroid fields, blasting space rocks and enemies alike with your ship’s weapons.
  • Customize Your Ship: You worked hard for your money, so you get to decide how you’re going to spend it. New lasers? A bigger cargo hold? Stronger shields? It’s up to you!
  • Uncover Advanced Technology: Get your hands on some cool permanent upgrades that persist between games… if you can find them!
  • Blast the Enemies: Whether it’s robot pirates looking to steal your ore or corporate goons trying to throw a wrench in your business, the best way to negotiate is with your ship’s lasers!
  • HardcORE Mode: Looking for the ultimate challenge? Try HardcORE mode, where your first death is also your final one. Things are a lot more tense when you have just one life to live!


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