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The Secrets of Space Miner

Space Miner is an amazingly fun modern spin on the classic arcade game Asteroids. While you’re working to help the Gritstone Mining Company, keep these quick tips and tricks in mind!

Early in the game, your priority is not wasting any ore. When approaching a new sector, focus on clearing out enemies first. You want as little competition as possible on subsequent visits. Once all the hostiles are gone, switch to picking up ore but keeping a close eye on your cargo hold. When you’re close to full, always head back.

If you destroy a space rock and it drops more ore than you can carry, that ore is effectively wasted. There will be many times when playing Space Miner that you’re incredibly close to your next upgrade, and making sure you’re not missing any ore can help you be ahead of the power curve, making the rest of the game far easier.

Additionally, early in the game prioritize completely clearing out sectors. Keep revisiting them until you’ve destroyed all the asteroids and collected all the ore. Oh, and of course, be sure to pick up any quest items and other orange lootables.

When first upgrading your ship, you should focus on a theme that matches your play style. Choices are typically fairly clear cut, particularly as you begin unlocking new ship hulls which prioritize things like cargo capacity versus weaponry. Of course there’s no wrong decisions here, but we’ve found the best path is trying to go with the theme of the hull. If you have a slow hull with large capacity, focus on upgrading your collectors over power-hungry weapons.

Speaking of power, the best thing to upgrade on your ship is your reactor, as the amount of power you have directly impacts how many other things you’re able to equip. It doesn’t matter if you’ve unlocked a super powerful weapon if you don’t have enough juice to turn it on!

Eventually you will come across alien technology. Prioritize completing any objective that leads to unlocking more of it. Alien tech is permanently unlocked between game saves, which is vital to doing well once you complete the game and want to work on completing the harder difficulty modes!

Space Miner is incredibly fun, and there’s no “wrong” way to play it. Your own personal strategy will evolve as you play, as will your preferences on what types of ships you enjoy flying!


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